I have always admired yogis, their discipline, strength and apparent ease of their practice. I thought I could never be like them. I was intrigued to learn and started in 2015 with a foundation course. From there, I found The Yoga Garage. The additional challenges of the heated room and having to tune into the teacher’s voice helped me focus and build concentration. I struggled with balancing postures especially. Mainly due to having old injuries such as torn ligaments in my ankles, I thought I would never be able to balance on one leg. However, I gifted myself the 10 class passes at The Yoga Garage initially and kept turning up. Listening to the encouraging tips the teachers provided and millimetre by millimetre by body changed and adapted. Subsequently, I took advantage of the January new year discount and became a member in 2019. I completed the teacher training with Stu and Sumit in March – May 2021, and this opened a door in the yoga world I never knew existed. Learning the yoga history and challenging me in ways I needed to grow was a fantastic journey. Making friendships with fantastic people was an additional bonus that I am very grateful for. I love TYG because it gave me an opportunity to quieten my busy mind and get to know myself more and start a journey to inner growth. Forever grateful to share what I know and give people a chance to push themselves in a safe environment. If I can do it, anyone can!