Nerissa Waite


I am a 40 something high energy fitness fanatic who loves to motivate, inspire and help people become the best versions of themselves. I Also have a massive passion and spend a lot of my personal training time running crazy long races in the bush, on the beach or on the road. My longest race to date was a timed 12hr racing seeing me finish 1st female completing 105kms in 2021.

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and group fitness trainer, completing my cert 3 & 4 in both of these areas in 2011. I am also half through completing a course in Nutrition. I am also a qualified “Rumble” boxing instructor.

Fitness had always been apart of my daily ritual and I love the challenges new fitness goals can provide the mind and body but also love the positive impact it has on these areas as well as helping you live a more balanced and fulfilled daily life. I found hot yoga and hot core Pilates and any type of training in the “hot room” a new challenge for my mind and body but also a way to provide some “yin” to the “yang” of my large amounts of running. It has helped me to calm my mind, whilst also focus on the preservation of my body, particularly as I get older but continue to push my limits in my running distances again terrain. The heated room had allowed me to stay supple and energised even in the peak of running training.

My next venture will be to add “hot yoga” to my realm of qualifications as I endeavour to learn more in this space. The yoga garage has provided my the opportunity to connect and coach with our amazing community as well as be my favourite place to restore balance and calm. I love seeing all your faces each time I teach so thank you for always bringing your biggest energy to my classes.