I attended my first Bikram yoga class in early 2009. I spent the previous 18 years to that dancing competitively and professionally and was looking for something to keep my fitness levels and flexibility up. I remember my first class was a bit of a haze, I wasn’t quite sure what had just happened however the next morning I woke up with a calmness and clarity I found hard to explain. This is where my yoga journey began.

I very quickly began to notice not only the physical benefits of yoga but the overwhelming mental benefits. I begin to practise regularly and my love for yoga has only grown as I learn more about yoga and as a consequence, I continue to learn more about myself.  

I was lucky enough to attend the Sumits Yoga Teacher Training course which commenced in April 2016. The 12 weeks of teacher training were life-changing for me and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity for all I learnt and to now be teaching what I love so much.

I am a calmer and better person for doing yoga. I love that yoga brings people from all different walks of life together and I am privileged and honoured to share what I have learnt with students. Teaching yoga is extremely rewarding and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.  They say yoga is intended to be practised for a lifetime, I intend to practise and teach for my lifetime I feel it’s what I am here for.