I have been practising yoga for many years. I began with Ashtanga, moving onto Iyengar. After my second child, I was seeking further balance and wanted to do something for myself which also gave me a physical and mental challenge.

I discovered Bikram Yoga which soon became a necessity in my life. With a job that is incredibly taxing on my body, the discipline of Bikram became physically freeing and really challenged me mentally and physically. As a competitive person by nature, I found Bikram provided the discipline I needed but also led me to explore whether I needed to find balance in my approach to yoga.

When The Yoga Garage offered an opportunity to do a Sumits teacher training course I felt a deep sense that this course would teach me a more balanced approach. As they say ‘the greater the challenge, the greater the reward’ and the reward has certainly outweighed the challenge.

This course has also changed the way I feel in many aspects of my life. I was initially concerned about sacrificing the time with my family but upon reflection it was worth every minute for the accomplishment I now feel I have achieved. My competitive nature has finally softened practising and now teaching the Sumits practise has taught me so much about myself and others. It’s only the very beginning of the yoga teaching world for me which has so far been so rewarding and fulfilling.

The thing that has kept me coming back to yoga all these years is that every time I leave the yoga room I actually feel better than when I walk in. Providing other people with the opportunity to experience this feeling is incredibly rewarding, which is why I love teaching Sumit Yoga. I also love the health benefits and endorphins other forms of exercise bring to my life, to do all of this I have found yoga has given me physical and mental scaffolding to keep enjoying these physical activities outside of Yoga.

I plan to continue seeking how I can use this as a platform to help others balance their bodies and mind to enrich all the other aspects of their life as I have.