My name is Jo, and I believe yoga is the key to balancing my busy life and the various roles I play in it. From sitting behind a screen all day, to school runs, being a soccer mum, a dance mum, sister, friend and wife, being a yogi is what keeps me mentally and physically able to enjoy my life, find a bit of “me-time” in the calamity, and keep on practicing being present. I first found yoga as a young adult, when I was looking for something to replace the fitness and flexibility gained from dancing throughout my childhood. Whilst it was the Bikram sequence and the incredible heat that got me hooked and taught me very quickly that the mental health benefits were equal to, if not greater than the awesome physical health benefits, I have practised various other forms of yoga throughout the years. There is something magic about the hot room though, and that is definitely where I belong. 2022 was finally my “right time” to take the next step and complete teacher training, which was a life-changing experience. I absolutely love learning from every teaching experience and giving back to the practice that has and continues to give me so much. If I get the opportunity to teach you, I hope to not only help you create space to sweat and get that physical and mental workout we all love, but also to share with you my deep sense gratitude and love of yoga.