A 90 minute Bikram at the age of 14 with my mum introduced me to the yoga world. In that class, I think I spent at least half the session on the floor whilst my mum, next to me, powered through each pose. I never wanted to go back. But my mum persevered with me as she wanted a “yoga buddy” who she could talk with about all the poses, how we were improving and where we were struggling. So I continued on and slowly began to spend more time in the poses than I did on my back on the floor.  Once Sumits and Hot Pilates became part of the timetable, I found myself enjoying it even more and they have slowly become my preferred classes. 

Unfortunately, as year 12 began to take over any spare time I had, yoga got pushed to the side and I didn’t get back to the studio for the whole year! I lost almost all the strength and flexibility that I had worked so hard to gain and was disappointed, but not surprised, to see myself struggle through my Sumits class at the end of the year. I couldn’t even get through all the flows! 

This year, I was lucky to become part of the Yoga Garage crew and meet all the wonderful instructors, gotten to know the regular yogis coming into their classes as well as see all the newbies walk out of the class with a totally different outlook on what yoga is. I have not had an experience where a person has walked out of a class without being in a better mood than when they walked in. 

Now, with my uni studies, I have been able to find more time to get into both the Sumits and Hot Pilates and am absolutely loving it. Both classes have been tough, but I have made it my goal to reach the strength and flexibility I had before, and then surpass it.