I am so passionate about movement and its unlimited benefits.  The movement changed the course of my journey from being 130 kilos and in the darkest of places.  It is usually in my experience through challenges and traumas we make discoveries of who we truly are, and if we take notice sets us on the path to our purpose.  I believe my purpose is and always was to “TEACH”.   I have worked in all areas of the fitness industry, have extensive life experience as well as being a Body Pump instructor for 15 years,  Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.  As the years went on and I evolved more as an individual, my perspective on movement changed it was no longer about just the physical however my passion was more about the mental and emotional bodies.  

Working with the Cause, not the symptoms. Seeing an Individual as their whole journey, Holistically… Because of this change, I studied Chinese medicine, NLP, Coaching modalities, Holistic counselling, Mind, Heart and Gut-brain coaching.  

I started at the Yoga Garage as a student, I am big for visualisation and I used to practice and look in the mirror and imagine myself teaching in the space.  I was absolutely grateful and still am I was asked to join the team to teach Hot Pilates at the studio.  With all my years of experience in teaching and education, I found it a beautiful transition and also learnt so much more about “teaching and guiding”, and also myself as a person. 

Every time I step into that room, I love to hold space for each of my students, I want to inspire them to connect more deeply to themselves and their bodies. I want each of my students to be in that room to give back to themselves, to have a new opportunity each time they step onto their mat.  Just as I give teaching gives me so much more.   Most of all when you come to experience my class you will see I want you mostly to have fun, not take it too seriously, time to get out of your head and thoughts and be present in the moment.  I like to give the right amount of push also with a lot of love and support,  for you to push through the barriers of your mind and increase your self-awareness and confidence & walk away with more love for yourself and compassion each time.  

Since teaching at the Garage I have further extended my studies as a Reiki practitioner and Yin Yoga teacher. I work as an Intuitive Guidance Mentor, Self Awareness and Business Coach and Healer.  The journey will continue and I will always be a TEACHER.  I cannot wait to meet you and guide you in my class.